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An Oklahoma church canceled a controversial gun giveaway for teenagers at a weekend youth conference. Windsor Hills Baptist had planned to give away a semiautomatic assault rifle until one of the event’s organizers was unable to attend. The church’s youth pastor, Bob Ross, said it’s a way of trying to encourage young people to attend the event. The church expected hundreds of teenagers from as far away as Canada.

A video on the church Web site shows the shooting competition from last year’s conference. A gun giveaway was part of the event last year. This year, organizers included it in their marketing.

Ross said the conference isn’t all about guns, but rather about teens finding faith.

I guess its easier to hate smokin’, drinkin’ and dancin’ when you’ve got a semiautomatic assault rifle at your side. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that, no matter what our constitution says, I think Jesus is anti-gun.