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This morning I said hello to my next door neighbor, Inalim. She is an immigrant from Ethiopa. She was wearing a t-shirt with what looked like Sanskrit writing and a simple illustration of Obama. Last week I saw one of the African American teenagers from down the street decked out in red, yellow and green gear – literally, from head to toe. His outfit included an Obama t-shirt. The day before that, my 8 year old Ethiopian neighbor, Rosie, came knocking on my door to ask if my kids could play. Her Obama shirt laid his profile over an illustration of Africa.

I still wish Hilary was going to be the nominee. But, I claim to care about the marginalized, the stranger. I claim to believe in an upside down, backwards kingdom. I claim that my God looks after the oppressed first. I claim He drags the underserved and outcast into his house to eat at his feast. Those claims mean I have to care about some other things, too. No, I don’t have to care about Obama or McCain. I’m still not excited about Barack. I really couldn’t care less about political “hope” or “change”. I don’t think he is the answer and I don’t think he will save America.

But, because of what I believe about Jesus, I have to care about my neighbors and vote with them. I do not believe Obama is the right, best, or Christian choice. However, my vote for Obama is a vote for Inalim, Rosie, and the teenagers in my neighborhood – walking with pride about where they come from and who they are. My vote for Obama is a vote for hope for the oppressed (in my culdesac) and freedom for the marginalized (in my neighborhood).

So, I’ve decided to vote.