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Entertaining the kids during summer vacation is getting more and more difficult. So, today, I took a chance, loaded up the minivan and headed down to the Seattle Center. The kids were very excited when the saw the EMP, the roller coasters, the popcorn vendor, the – oh my! What’s that kids?!?! Is that the 2008 Seattle Tattoo Expo?!?! Oh my, I had no idea. Well, since we’re here, we might as well check it out.

The kids were incredibly grown up and mature as they met all my friends, offering a hand to shake followed by a hearty “nice to meet you.” Thelonious was pretty excited about the live music. He thought seeing a real, live guitar player might enhance his own skills. I hope Witchburn didn’t scar their little minds. Finger-painting in the “kidzone” was fun. But, I think Ione’s highlight was trying to choose a new tattoo for me. If she had her way, I’d be sitting for a full body suit right now.

Unfortunately, short legs get tired quickly. So, after our $26 lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers, we decided to hit the road. I guess I won’t being getting any new work this year. But, I think I will go back on Sunday and get a labret. But, I don’t think Erika likes them, so don’t tell her. K?