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While watching Scooby Doo: The Fast and the Wormious, I noticed some rather clever punk rock during one of the chase montages. The thing that caught my attention was that the lyrics were in Spanish. You have to understand, I’ve been a big fan of the Mexican punk rock ever since the Plugz made an appearance on the Repo Man soundtrack in 1984. But, it can really create a conundrum when you like the Mexican punk rock, but you don’t speak Spanish or live in Mexico. How does one discover new underground bands from a third world country when one doesn’t speak the native language? What was I to do? Walk into my local Mexican grocery store and say, “Hola. El punk rocko?”

So, I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to discover Mexican punk rock. Then, via Scobby Doo, I discovered Los Miserables. I was tempted to get in my car right that second and drive down to Silver Platters and order the import for $45. Seriously. Don’t tell Erika, but I once spent $50 for a record by a couple of female Japanese art school students called Kiiiiiiii. I had stumbled upon a video on YouTube and simply had to have the whole record. But, I digress. I decided spending $45 for a record that the band would probably make 74 cents on – well, that’s just not right. Luckily, I was able to order it online for $8.99. I love the internets.

I have no idea what Los Miserables is singing about. I kinda like it that way. I have convinced myself that the lyrics are so revolutionary, they had to invent a whole other language just to sneak ’em passed the powers that be. Now that is punk rock.

¡viva los miserables!