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Every February in Seattle, something unusual happens: the sun comes out and the weather is glorious. After a fortnight of cold, gray, dreary skies, the sun is welcomed with open arms. Sure, it’s a little cold, but you can deal with it long enough to go outside and soak up that vitamin D. And, it does actually warm up a bit. In fact, the soil, the earth itself warms a few degrees – just enough for your shrubs and trees to begin their growth cycle and send out those delicate little buds.

Then, it happens. It could be 3 days, it could be 2 weeks. But, sooner or later it happens. It always happens. Some wise ass says, “It looks like Spring came early this year!” POW! Instantly, Mr Coldmeiser comes back in a fury and rage! The sun disappears. The temperature drops. The snow comes (sometimes). That same wise ass says, “Well, February is the middle of winter. What did ya expect?”

What price do we pay for that brief glimpse of sun in the middle of winter? The returning cold kills all that new growth on our trees and shrubs. See, they don’t have brains. When the ground warms, they grow. When the ground cools, they stop. Now, they don’t know whether to shit or go blind. And, the longer this period of premature sunshine lasts, the crappier our plants are going to look all year and the shorter and crappier our summer is going to be.

Welcome to the February Fake-out. Consider yourselves warned.


I happened upon a talk radio show this morning. The tirade against the protests in Egypt was followed by a fervent call to prayer. And then, on to the commercials. The advertisement for the Schick Shadel Hospital (an alcohol cessation program) was followed by one promising to sell ammo to “anyone.” This juxtaposition causes me great concern.