This week, I am preaching on the healing of the bent-over woman and the parable of the mustard seed from Luke 13 as we continue a series on the Kingdom of God. So, I’m in the middle of my typical process of preparation – obsessively mulling thoughts over (and over and over) until they are beat into a pulpy mush which has the possibility of producing a semi-tasty and semi-nutritious drink.

Prompted by a post from Jeff Keuss, I am considering using stage diving to shed light on what this text is saying to us. Now, here’s my quandary. I know a large percentage of the congregation will not have the same personal connection with “stage diving” that I do. But, I think that it will work on multiple levels because it is also an object lesson: “the good stuff of the Kingdom is for the people – it’s not meant to be locked up behind cultural norms and religious sanctimony. It’s not to be kept safe from the messy masses and only used by and for the powerful elite .”

So, the big question is: should I? Will it A) have value, B) just be lame, or C) distract from the larger point? And, if I do, should I also show this video? Warning: turn your volume off, there is offensive language coming your way. But, this clip gets realllly good about 12 seconds in.

Tell me what you think…