You probably didn’t notice this, but I had taken a break from blogging. It wasn’t so much the writing of a blog that I needed a break from. It was more the reading of blogs that I needed a break from. Apparently, and I didn’t know this before… but, apparently, the interwebs are FILLED with crazies. Well, that’s not exactly the right choice of words. I should have said, “the series of tubes which form the interwebs are FILLED – virtually clogged – with crazy people and their crazy-making, crazy ideas!”

And, dammit! Like a Dungeon Master walking by a comicon, they suck me in every time. I’m like the little housefly who is inherently and uncontrollably attracted to the bright light of the bug zapper – only, in this case, it is a brain-zapping bug killer utilizing utterly asinine (emphasis on ass) political and religious ideas as the bait.

Did you know that “jackassery” is a real world? And, the only place I have ever seen it was in a scholarly work of theology. Ironic, huh?

Every time I go to to log in so I can write a post, I am distracted by the left 7/8 of the log in page which shows random “hawt” posts. These fantastically “hawt” posts are segregated into categories – my favorite being “religion.” You are probably wondering where the crazies come in, aren’t you? Well, it seems the only religious folks currently blogging fit into one or (usually) more of the following categories:

  1. I despise Todd Bentley (and will write on my blog for days, weeks, and months about how wacko he is even though it would only take 30 seconds of youtube video to figure that out)
  2. I despise Barack Obama (enough to compare him to baby sacrificing Old testament kings or come up with borderline-racial nicknames like “Barky”)
  3. I care only about how many unborn babies are being killed (and, subsequently, killing those damned slaughterers of the innocent)
  4. I love President Bush, the military, the Iraq War, the nation of Israel, and all things which help me count down to the rapture in a scientific and methodical manner

Right. Now. I can feel it. As I type. Right. Now. My heart rate has increased. My chest is tightening. See? Just typing that list! SEE what they do to me?!?! And, I know they do it on purpose. Day after day, hour after hour, post after post – they blog. Creating and repeating absurdities. Why. Why do they do it?!? To drive me crazy. They’re out to get me. Them and their crazy little ideas. Caring so much about being right that they’ll manufacture “facts”. That is CRAZY!

They’re trying to GET me. They’re OUT to get me! The crazies are out to get me!!!