Thelonious took me to see Prince Caspian today. I have to admit that I thought it was a pretty darn good movie. Of course, like all of C.S. Lewis’ writing, the movie is way better than the book – it was actually entertaining. I’m still waiting for “The Problem of Pain” starring Tom Hanks and an equally annoying actress. But, I digress. The real point here is thatPrince Caspian set a new standard for “Christian” movies.

I already know what you are thinking. But, if it isn’t a Christian movie, why do they advertise, sell, and merchandise it at Christian bookstores?

Apparently, Christian movies don’t have to have ANYTHING to do with following Jesus or kingdom values any more. Sure, Prince Caspian did communicate important moral values – such as women should always wear dresses (even while surrounded by blood thirsty enemies in the middle of a medieval battlefield). There was also the valuable lesson of how to determine good from evil – evil has dark hair and eyes and speaks with an accent. And, maybe most importantly, I also learned that even just looking like Keanu Reeves can make you a bad actor.

Seriously. I’ve played games of Dungeon & Dragons that had more Christian values than that movie! At least Üdo the 5th level half-orc cleric/fighter actually got punished for senseless violence by his deity – and it was chaotic neutral!!!! Wait. What does D&D have to do with religion? Oh ya, the apostles decided who would replace Judas by rolling a 12 sided die.